Exhibition of Wihuri Foundation Collection

Kiasma, Rovaniemi Art Museum and the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation will coproduce an exhibition of contemporary art from the Wihuri Foundation art collection. The show will open at Kiasma in October 2022 and move to the Korundi House of Culture in Rovaniemi in 2023.

The body of works donated by the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation to the City of Rovaniemi is one of the most significant contemporary art collections in Finland. Comprising more than 3,400 artworks, the collection offers a broad view of Finnish contemporary art from the 1960s to the present day, with works by younger artists as well as more established names continually being added to the collection.

The upcoming exhibition in Kiasma presents a broad selection of works from the collection, with a special focus on artists who were either born in northern Finland or who live and work there today. The exhibition is curated by Kiasma’s collection team Saara Hacklin, Kati Kivinen and Satu Oksanen, with support from Rovaniemi Art Museum staff.

“It has been fascinating to explore Wihuri Foundation’s diverse and abundant collection. It includes many artists and works we are already familiar with in Kiasma, but it has also opened up an intriguing view of contemporary art in Northern Finland. The selection of works we have prepared focuses on the themes of nature and identity that are strongly represented in the collection,” Kati Kivinen, Kiasma’s Chief Curator of Collections describes the future exhibition. The exhibition continues the collaboration between Finnish National Gallery and the Wihuri Foundation that was launched in 2017. Its most visible manifestation is the annual Wihuri Day, giving the public free admission to the Finnish National Gallery’s museums Kiasma, Ateneum and Sinebrychoff, courtesy of the foundation. The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation celebrates the 80th anniversary of its founding in 2022.

Information for the media

Kiasma: Kati Kivinen, Chief Curator (Collections), kati.t.kivinen@kiasma.fi, tel. 0294 500 540; Piia Laita, Communications Manager, piia.laita@kiasma.fi, tel. 0294 500 507

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation: Emilia Mäenmaa, Communications Coordinator, emilia.maenmaa@wihurinrahasto.fi tel. 050 494 6900

Rovaniemi Art Museum: Riitta Kuusikko, Director, riitta.kuusikko@rovaniemi.fi, tel. 016 322 2820